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The Dan Bongino Show tackles the biggest political issues, debunking both liberal and conservative establishment rhetoric.

A former Secret Service Agent, NYPD Officer and New York Times best-selling author, Dan Bongino brings high energy and unique insight to the newly syndicated broadcast show.

Listen Live each week day from 11am to 2pm.

The number one nationally-syndicated female talk radio host in the country and hosts her award-winning show.







The Dana Show, from Dallas, Texas. Her original brand of young, entertaining irreverence has found a fast-growing multi- platform audience. As one of the leading talkers of the “next generation”, her funny and feisty personality has connected with radio and podcast listeners of all ages.

Listen to The Dana Show week nights from 7p to 9p.



America needs Buck Sexton now more than ever.  With a unique perspective as a former CIA officer and NYPD counter-terrorism expert, Buck is the new face of talk radio. With constantly changing headlines, Buck's real-life experience appeals to a broad demographic of listeners who want straightforward answers to complex issues.

From business and politics, to entertainment and social issues, he shares his candid, passionate takes on the latest local, national and global headlines, and welcomes a variety of key guests and experts that appeal to all listeners​.

Buck Saxton Show week nights from 9p to 12am.